I hired ACorn team to build a web and mobile app prototype, where the web would interface with the app…completed all work on time and within a 30 day time frame..Absolutely amazing!!
hired to do exactly what they did best, write code. communicated very well, took constructive feedback and adjusted as necessary.
I would hire again and will hire again very soon! they are by far the best resource I have worked with on…Many thanks to ACorn Team for the work completed.

How eHealth is Evolving

Today’s digital patient has endless access to equipments to individual test, self-analyze and self-treat. The quantity of wearable well being and wellness gadgets are


Get Direct Access to over 2000+ USA College / University Coaches; Create a player profile and Get Notifications on the latest College Tryouts, Combines and Showcases

Shop For Tots

Online store which selling items for babies and children in the 0 – 4 year age range. Australian designed products that are socially and environmentally

Sleep RX Online

Dedicated to providing you with superior quality care, SleepRx offers an extensive selection of sleep apnea products, plus expert clinical staff and knowledgeable customer service. Our health care specialists can assist you with every step of your sleep disorder treatment, from guiding you through the testing process and the set-up of your CPAP or BiPAP equipment to helping with pressure adjustments and coordinating your supply replenishment program. This includes CPAP masks, tubing and filters, plus a variety of other supplies. We also work directly with your physician to provide you with comprehensive patient care, and offer you more complete service than most other Durable Medical Equipment suppliers (DMEs). Whether you are concerned you may have sleep apnea, recently diagnosed, currently being treated, or simply want to learn more about sleep disorders, we are here to help.


The Parky app has been created as a tool for all the drivers out there. Time is very important for all of us and sometimes you spend a lot of time trying to find an available parking place, especially in crowded areas. Parky is very intuitive, you can park, unpark, get directions towards an available parking place and also you can see available parking places within a 5 mile area. Join the PARKY community and let’s help each other save time.


“Micronet” – was founded on February 15th, 2008. The company’s main objective is the dissemination of the Internet and online media throughout Georgia. Its original mission was to provide a wireless network with the help of the Internet, where it would be impossible to pull the cable, it would allow the villages to use high-quality internet, in the lowest price. In just 2 months – a test of the installed antennas and wireless network devices were set up in one of the villages, which have successfully passed the test and soon they have been changed with some technical equipments by “micronet”’s – powerful and stable group. There were added 2 more villages, to the existing one, where modern technique has been placed. Also noteworthy is the fact that “micronet” – the specialists to help rural residents to purchase computer equipment at lowest price, they advised the optimal configuration for personal computers, and even offered them interest-free installment plan for the period calculated on the basis of our ability. Residents with knowledge of computers purchased by the “micronet” – the specialists in each diligently shared customers. Our specialists have been developing throughout this period and the latter customers, some of them working on their own to find a place, and some we have to render help In addition, 70% of our customers used to have 1-2 family members who had moved abroad. our Internet enabled them to make tax savings, which amounted to 20 percent of their income. At the same time “Micronet”offers to customers, continuous and stable Internet, computer hardware, services, training, communication system, a place on our servers, and others, the service is specially tailored to each customer demand, what means that price and service are all individual, This is what makes our service unique and special.our call-center working from 09:00 AM till 10:00 pm.


123med’s mission is to provide IT solutions to health facilities to enable them to improve the management of wait times and those at the cutting edge of technology

Facial Analyzer

Facial Analyzer Detects Certain Traits Of Anyone That You Photograph. Have fun being able to tell the persons age, mood, feelings and gender of any person that you see.

Locum Check

We are LocumCheck a medical recruitment company (LOCUM AGENCY). We are providing services to NHS (National Health Service) in the United Kingdom and Health service Executive (HSE) hospital in Ireland, We also provide health have private hospitals and GP surgeries as our clients. Due to a wide range of clients we can provide locums available for you in all grades across all specialties. With LocumCheck you always a Locum work available. With LocumCheck you have excellent rates and services a combination which cannot be beaten by our competitor.