“Micronet” – was founded on February 15th, 2008. The company’s main objective is the dissemination of the Internet and online media throughout Georgia. Its original mission was to provide a wireless network with the help of the Internet, where it would be impossible to pull the cable, it would allow the villages to use high-quality internet, in the lowest price. In just 2 months – a test of the installed antennas and wireless network devices were set up in one of the villages, which have successfully passed the test and soon they have been changed with some technical equipments by “micronet”’s – powerful and stable group. There were added 2 more villages, to the existing one, where modern technique has been placed. Also noteworthy is the fact that “micronet” – the specialists to help rural residents to purchase computer equipment at lowest price, they advised the optimal configuration for personal computers, and even offered them interest-free installment plan for the period calculated on the basis of our ability. Residents with knowledge of computers purchased by the “micronet” – the specialists in each diligently shared customers. Our specialists have been developing throughout this period and the latter customers, some of them working on their own to find a place, and some we have to render help In addition, 70% of our customers used to have 1-2 family members who had moved abroad. our Internet enabled them to make tax savings, which amounted to 20 percent of their income. At the same time “Micronet”offers to customers, continuous and stable Internet, computer hardware, services, training, communication system, a place on our servers, and others, the service is specially tailored to each customer demand, what means that price and service are all individual, This is what makes our service unique and special.our call-center working from 09:00 AM till 10:00 pm.